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A big fan of and want to create you own pinterest website? Then you should really check this great theme, Pinboard from Themify.

About Themify

Themify is a provider of premium wordpress themes and plugins, trusted by 44,000+ users. Their products are in a wide range of niches including Blogging, Magazine, Multimedia, Portfolio, where you can always find one to match your requirements.

In addition to the popular themes among wordpress users, one of their big hit is the Themify Builder, a powerful and easy to use drag-drop page builder for WordPress.

About Pinboard

This is a premium wordpress theme that features an auto stacking layout with infinite scroll as seen on the Pinterest desktop site. If you are unfamilar with the term “infinite scroll”, it means that new posts are loaded automatically when you hit to the bottom of the page. The stacking layout works perfectly and responsively on any resolution using a desktop or mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and Android.

Get Pinboard

There are 2 ways to get Pinboard.

  1. Buy a single copy of this theme for $49. You can also get another bonus theme for free.
  2. Join their Club for $79, then you get access to all their current+new themes with 1 year support and updates.

You can get more details from the pricing page

Theme installation

Well, setup process for this professional Pinterest WordPress template is same as you would setup all other themes. Still if you are new to WordPress then here is how you can set it up.

  1. Either you can upload theme archive file from FTP or cPanel to Themes folder located under WP-Content, this is a bit lengthy process and not used most of the time.
  2. Second way is to upload theme from WordPress dashboard which is easy, just access WP sidebar menu options and find Appearance > Themes. From these areas you will find option to browse theme from your PC and once it is uploaded you will see theme in the current themes list.


You can check this post to know how to perform a new wordpress theme installation

Now it’s time to hit Activate button and your website will be running with the selected theme.

After you install and activate Pinboard, lets now explore its features.

Key features of Pinboard

Demo Content Import

Once you activate Pinboard, you’ll find the theme settings menu on the left hand. And if this is your first time to the settings, there is a window telling you can install the demo content.

demo content import

This is a great feature if you want to make your own website look like the demo. It can save you quite a lot of time on configuration.

Responsive Design

This is not a must-mention feature but responsiveness is a MUST for each wordpress theme nowadays.  It ensures your visitors get the same perfect experience no matter what devices they are using.

Pinboard has an option to disable this feature, but how many would do that?


Auto Stacking Layout

Whether it is on a big desktop screen or a small tablet display, the posts are always stacked beautifully. This is not just responsiveness.


Infinite Scroll

Pinboard provides 2 options for pagination. With the Pinboard option panel, you can choose to use infinite scroll or the traditional page number navigation. The infinite scroll can be set to be automatically loaded or by clicking on the Load More button manually.

Multiple Grid Layout Options

There are three grid layout options: small, medium and large. And they all work well with the auto stacking layout.

Welcome Message

You can write your own custom greeting message to welcome your visitors, or, you can put anything that you want to highlight/promote here.


Posting Multimedia

You can use Pinboard to publish various types of media – images, videos, galleries, lightbox content such as image zoom, video popup or iframe window. It can be used as a blog, portfolio, gallery, or video site.

Well, this is not the point. The point is that you can set the post to display in lightbox instead of opening a new page.


Recent Comments

Top five recent comments of the post are displayed on the homepage.

This is the only theme that I’ve ever known has this feature.


There are also many other features:

  • Built-in like function
  • Social Sharing buttons
  • Back To Top button
  • Author picture attached to each post to help your readers to quickly identify who is the author. It is a nice little feature for multi-author blogs.
  • Short Codes
  • And much more…


You may know that I am creating clone wordpress themes for I am now and then contacted when to release a pinterest clone theme myself. I’ve searched around and came across Pinboard and ever since I killed the thought to create such a theme. Instead, I recommend them to try Pinboard.

This is for a good reason:

Pinboard is the ultimate and only wordpress theme you’ll ever need to get a pinterest like website.

It has perfect layouts with professional design. It has integrated tons of useful features already to help you get your website running in minutes. Pinboard  theme settings allows you to make big to small changes without you knowing any piece of code.

If I have to come up with something I don’t like, it’s the lightbox when displaying the post width which I think is a little bit of small. The max width is only 700px.

So you are also in love with Pinboard, click to check its details and demo.


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