5 Tips for Choosing the Right WordPress Theme

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WordPress is the most popular Content Management System in the world. It powers around 20% of all the websites on the internet. As far as plugins and themes go – the WordPress directory has thousands of them. Now you might think: Hey, this is awesome!  I can easily find everything I need to make my website just the way I want it to be. But sometimes, having too much options can be confusing, especially if you’re new to the WordPress world. Choosing the right theme is a very important, if not crucial step towards building a successful website. These 5 tips will help you to pick a theme that reflects your website’s functionality.

Pick a theme that fits your needs

Image 1. VIRALNOVA clone WordPress theme by 99theme

Image 1. VIRALNOVA clone WordPress theme by 99theme

Choosing the right WordPress theme can be intimidating. Before you start browsing through thousands of free and premium themes, consider answering these two questions:

  1. What is your website about?

The type of your website will most likely determine the theme you’ll pick. Ask yourself, is it a review site, magazine or maybe a personal blog? For instance, if you’re creating a magazine website, you’d want to consider themes with wide and appealing layouts that leverage featured images. Fact is, you can’t just decide to pick a theme because of its popularity or design.

  1. What type of content will you write?

The type of content is also very important. You need to make sure that the theme’s front and single page layout is suitable for the posts that you’re going to publish. If you’re starting a personal blog, you’d probably want to focus more on the text instead of images, sliders and galleries. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t pick a theme that focus on wide content boxes which display featured images alongside the content, categories, popular and trending posts.

Watch out for flexibility and customization options

You should always look at the theme’s flexibility and customization options. Good themes tend to have extensive list of options that will help you to make your website unique and fully functional – just like you’ve planned. In the end, your goal is to leverage the theme’s functionality to capture all your website’s aspects. Make a list of themes that will work with your website, and then compare their features to pick the right one.

Responsiveness is a must

You have a complete freedom and unlimited alternatives in the process of choosing the right WordPress theme. But whatever you decide, make sure it’s responsive! Your website should automatically adapt on different screen sizes in order to provide great user experience. Many of the themes you’ll run into are responsive, but there are some that aren’t. Trust me, responsiveness is a must these days. If you want to avoid hiring a developer to do the extra work, pick a theme that’s responsive out of the box.

Consider themes with clean code and shortcodes

This is another important aspect that you need to pay attention to when choosing a theme. Clean code basically means human-readable theme coding that follows the highest WordPress standards. Developer or not, if you want to make changes to your theme, it is essential to have a theme files with well-structured and commented lines of code.

Shortcodes on the other hand, allow you to make changes to your theme and add new features directly from your WYSIWYG WordPress editor. Themes with good shortcodes are enabling the users to play with the theme’s features without having to manually edit the code.

Choosing free vs premium themes

The main difference between free and premium WordPress themes is that with a paid theme, you’ll always get extensive functionality and more customization options. That’s rarely the case with free themes, which generally tend to offer limited features and less flexibility.

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